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Part Of The Problem

Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian. He is part of the new generation of pundits. He'll educate you and open your eyes to the possibility of a truly free nation. The newest 10 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code POTP to save 15% on the entire network, plus get a discount on all merchandise!

Apr 18, 2017

Tax Day saw the most recent protest, calling for President Trump to release his latest records... Rather than protesting the government-sanctioned theft more commonly known as taxation. Dave notes how odd it is that the people who benefit from the amount of taxes paid by a Donald Trump are the same people demanding to see his tax documents. He also touches on the downward spiral of our culture due to the lack of shame. Follow on Twitter @Theproblemshow, @ComicDaveSmith, @Daenaface, @gasdigital.